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CAK International Co., Ltd.

The CAK International Co., Ltd. is the company that is one of the leading companies that doing business about fire prevention system and also the fire alarm system. It had been established on October 14, 2014 with the stating capital of 60 million baths (60,000,000 baths) by Mr.Chokchai Songsom An engineers who had the abilities and vast experiences. Had had done jobs on engineering and various systems for very long time.

At present the company is doing business about selling of equipment, design and installation and service of the sale. The fire prevention system and the fire alarm systems including other systems. The company will design and install even up to choosing the right and the best quality equipment by considering about safety as our main standard. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA),

Including FMG (Factory Mutual Global) and UL (Underwriters Laboratories) That is the global standards for the world. Even with the standards in designing, and installation of the fire prevention system and fire alarm systems from the Engineering Department of Thai / and in the Royal patronage al so.

1In the past the company had been trusted by the customers in designing, installing the fire prevention system and alarm systems form the leading companies and organizations in the country. Both from the government or private companies and organizations. Aside from this, the company has the plan to expand to other countries also. At present it has planned to expand the jobs throughout Southeast Asia.

With its visions and its aims to develop the company to go forward and progress, till it will be widely accepted. The company give its significant in managing the company. Therefore it had brought in the managing system with a very high standards and had utilized it. And had received the International Standards ISO 9001:2015 ISO 14001 : 2015 and ISO 145001:2018  from United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UK AS). It has its motto“Commit to create the job with high standards to be the top In safety for impressing the customers”

Aside from this, the company has encourage its employees to develop each person. By giving educational funds for its employee to study at a higher level. Even sending the employees to improve their skills. Increase knowledge and experience continuously. That will lead to the better quality and move efficiency of the job.

By doing business with good governance. The company has the policy to support any activities that will benefits the society and the country continuously yearly. Both activities from the government and the public. Also with the company had arranged, to give back to the public.

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